Learn to Dance DVD's Not to Miss on Amazon

Whether it's Latin American, Ballroom, jive or dances from a bygone era such as belly dancing or the Charleston dancing is more popular than ever before. Learning how to dance is not only lots of fun but also great exercise too. Here we take a look at some of the best learn to dance DVDs on the market just now where students can get themselves moving, while learning those all important steps.

Strictly Come Dancing: Dance School

Strictly Come Dancing Dance School

Strictly Come Dancing is one of the most popular shows on the BBC with millions of viewers tuning in every week to watch celebrities dance with professionals. One participant is voted off the show every week by viewers who phone in to save their favourite celebrity. This fabulous DVD features three of the professional dancers that take part in the show who demonstrate to us amateurs how to dance the Strictly way.

Those of us who are hooked on the show would love nothing better than to take part in a few lessons with the professionals therefore the chance to have Artem Chigvintsev, Aliona Vilani and Katja Virshilas instruct us how to dance is a real treat! Dance styles and techniques are demonstrated in easy to follow moves, while dancers of all ages and abilities will find the DVD perfect as a dance tutorial tool.

Further features of the DVD include stretch routines and make up tips along with three dance showcases that include the Cha Cha Cha, the Rumba and the ever popular Salsa. Those who wish to buy a fun DVD that also has some great dance tutorials will find Strictly Come Dancing Dance School perfect for their needs.

Diversity Dance Fitness Fusion

Diversity Dance Fitness Fusion

Diversity rose to fame when they won Britain's Got Talent back in 2007. Since then they have become a worldwide phenomenon finding success in almost every country in the world. Diversity's dancing style is out there on its own making them unique compared to other dance troupes who attempt to emulate them.

Diversity Dance Fitness Fusion brings together many types of street dancing with two DVDs featuring in the one package. DVD 1 features a dance inspired workout aimed at getting the dancer fit. Its great fun learning the moves for the various street dances, while by putting what you see together you are following an amazing workout.

In the second DVD Diversity demonstrate an exclusive routine from their tour showing the viewer how the moves are put together to complete an exciting showpiece. Diversity Dance Fitness Fusion is available to buy from Amazon and is a must have for not only fans of the dance troupe but also for those who love street dance and wish to get fit.

How to Jive

How to Jive

Learning how to Jive is really great fun with fitness levels needing to be high as this dance is fast and furious. Jive can be danced to almost any kind of modern music and this fun filled DVD demonstrates every move in detail enabling viewers to practice each of the steps over and again. The DVD features champions from every type of jive there is including modern, ballroom, lindy hop and rock n roll, while the music featured includes such bands as The Firebirds.

How to Jive is recommended by many dance professionals and organisations that promote dance, while the DVD is also great for those who have had Jive lessons and simply wish to improve their dance skills. Honing dance techniques is easier when you can slow down the action or rewind to see the steps again, while the featured dancers make easy viewing as they are so good at dancing Jive.

How to Jive is the perfect tool for beginners and intermediates alike who want to learn how to jive or improve their Jive techniques. The DVD creates a real party atmosphere and is offered by Amazon for a mere £9.95.

Learn to Line Dance with Lynne

Learn to Line Dance with Lynne

Line dancing has a very high profile and is extremely popular as participants can be of any age or ability in order to join in what is a very sociable dance. Learn to Line Dance with Lynne is a great DVD that teaches us the basic line dance steps so, get your cowboy boots on, tilt that Stetson and join in the dance craze that is line dancing. (By the way any attire is acceptable not only cowboy outfits)

Line dancing is normally done to country music but may actually be done to any type of popular music as long as it has the correct beat. Line dancing can be slow, while there are also much faster energetic forms of line dancing too. Line dancing is a great form of exercise too and Lynne the instructor is very competent in the way she delivers the lessons making it easy for us to grasp the steps.

Learn to Line Dance with Lynne features eleven enjoyable dance routines, while Lynne advises us to dance to the music we love rather than traditional line dance music we associate with the dance. This makes learning how to Line dance even more fun as the music we dance to contributes a great deal. This amazing DVD is a must buy for those who want to learn how to Line dance without attending a class.

Vincent and Flavia's School of Dance

Vincent and Flavia's School of Dance

Vincent and Flavia are two of the most popular dancers on the BBC's flagship dancing show Strictly Come Dancing. The couple are admired for their sultry Argentine Tango which has to be seen to be believed, while here in this four DVD box set they come back to their roots which are teaching us how to dance. Why not invite the king and queen of dancing into your living room by purchasing this amazing box set.

This DVD is perfect for beginners as Vincent and Flavia go into the steps of each dance in great detail, while it is also great for those who want to improve their dance skills too. Whatever dance it is you wish to learn the couple will guide you through it with style and ease. Dances featured in Vincent and Flavia's School of Dance include Cha Cha Cha, Samba, Salsa, Foxtrot, Jive, Tango and Viennese Waltz plus many more.

Owners of Vincent and Flavia's School of Dance may be beginners who will enjoy practising the intricate dance steps of every dance or they may be proficient and want to hone their skills. Just watching this amazing pair takes us would be dancers to another place so why not let them take us to another dance level?

Brian Fortuna Dance Class: Latin

Brian Fortuna Dance Class Latin

This excellent dance DVD is aimed at beginners who wish to learn how to dance Latin. The moves are easy to follow with precise instruction that will have you wiggling those hips in no time. Each dance progresses in difficulty therefore it is best to follow the dances in order so to avoid frustration. It's no good skipping forward and realising that you haven’t mastered the basics properly in the first place!

Brian Fortuna is very well qualified to teach those of us new to Latin dancing as he has participated in and won many dancing competitions over the years. Brian also teaches wheelchair ballroom dancing and is an internationally renowned entertainer. The beauty of this DVD is that it was filmed in real time. That is to say the people who feature in the DVD were beginners and we watch them progress through the lessons just as we do ourselves.

This DVD will not only teach students how to dance Latin but also keep dancers very fit. We tried out the dances we learned when on holiday and were pleased to see that we fit in with the other dancers well in terms of dancing the right steps! Brian Fortuna Dance Class Latin is available to buy from Amazon at the amazing price of £4.99.

Discover Dance: Ballroom

Discover Dance Ballroom

Why not learn how to Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango and Quickstep without having to leave the house by viewing Discover Dance Ballroom. This fabulous DVD will take you through step by step moves in order to progress until you reach the dizzy heights of competent dancer. Simon and Heidi Cruwys have been UK Ballroom Champions so what better couple to help us become the romantic ballroom dancers we always wanted to be.

Discover Dance Ballroom is also great to use for practice purposes by those who are already enjoying ballroom dancing lessons. Discover Dance is packed with useful tips and instructions to help us avoid the usual mistakes learner dancers come across and is offered for sale on the Amazon website. Dancers can view this interactive DVD as a female learner, a male learner or a couple, while the counting clock keeps time for dancers. Discover Dance Ballroom may be set to a repeat function in order to go over steps we aren't sure of. All this plus a professional show to enjoy that is performed by the instructors themselves.