London's Top Dancing Schools & Classes

Dancing brings a lot of joy to many people with age, sex or ability being no barrier to joining in and having fun. There are plenty of dance clubs, centres and schools in London where people can go to learn how to dance proficiently or maybe simply socialise and enjoy the ambience. Whether it's Salsa, Jive, Zumba, Swing, Hip Hop or Ballroom there is a type of dance to interest us all and get us moving. Let's take a look at what's on offer in the London area when it comes to dancing.

Dance Styles on Offer:

★ Jive Dance Schools/Classes

Jive dancing became popular in the 1940's and 50's although it originated in 1930's America. Jive is now one of five international Latin dances as it has changed and modified over the decades and is really popular with those who wish to learn a fun energetic type of dance that will also keep them fit.

City Academy:

City Academy

Learning how to dance Jive has to be one of the most exhilarating experiences out there as not only does it engage us with other dancers but the fast pace and the music involved in Jive brings out the inner dancer that hides within us all. City Academy that is located at the junction of Farringdon Road and Roseberry Avenue in London offers the chance to learn how to dance many of the popular dances including of course Jive.

Why not join in their Jive Dance Taster where customers can participate in a session to see if the Jive experience is for them. It’s a really great idea to go along to one of these tasters as would be dancers are not wasting time or money signing up to sessions that they may not think are suitable for them. Professional teachers are available to deal with any queries you may have, while the session includes understanding the basics, posture and movement, footwork and warmup methods.

Beginners classes at City Academy begin with learning Jive moves such as The American Swim or Throw Away along with basic footwork and twirls. Improver classes build on the basics we have learned in order to do more complicated turns and swap partners, while working on whether your function will be the leader of follower in the dance. Classes' lengths vary for both beginners and improvers from five weeks through to seven weeks. Further details regarding class locations and times may be found at the website.

  • City Academy
  • 33 Eyre Street Hill
  • London
  • EC1R 5ET
  • Tele 0207 042 8833

Jive Nation

Jive Nation

Jive Nation is located near Leicester Square Station in London and offers Jive lessons and courses for those who are serious about learning the skill. Jive Nation even offers a one day learn to dance course where they assure participants that they will certainly grasp the basics of Jive when joining in this intensive course. This fast track intensive workshop costs £49.00 and is well worth it for those who can't wait to dance Jive! Groups are usually made up of ten dancers, five ladies and five gents, while once dancers have participated in the one day intensive course they can repeat the course for free!

Jive Nation also offers wedding dance classes on Saturdays. Couples can join in the one day intensive course to learn their wedding dance after which they will receive a video of their dance and a written guide of the steps and moves. Six week courses are also available with varying prices

  • Singletons £43.00 with discount when booking online
  • Couples £81.00 with discount when booking online
  • Six weeks unlimited venues with up to 18 classes available £49.00
  • Six weeks double pass unlimited £92.00

The six weeks courses cover all levels of ability including a class for beginners, a class for intermediates and freestyle social party that takes place on Mondays.

Jive Nation is committed to teaching students to become the best dancers they can be. A team of dedicated teachers who will practice the Jive moves over and over until students have grasped them can be found here. The team includes friends who established Jive Nation together and hail from Australia. Those who prefer a private one on one lesson may book one of the tutors do so, while teachers here will devise the perfect strategies to get students proficient in Jive.

Jive Nation will also host corporate events and parties where guests will enjoy great Jive sessions, while competitive training and teacher training are also facilitated. Details regarding bookings and lessons can be found at the Jive Nation website.

  • Jive Nation
  • Little Newport Street
  • London
  • Tele 07534 269 950

Jive London

Jive London

Jive London was established by Howard Temple and Cheryl Keene, Howard being a qualified dance teacher, while Cheryl organises all the administration for the company. Jive London was set up as a non-profit organisation and provides dance events throughout London including classes' workshops and dance holidays. All their teachers are highly trained and qualified teaching many types of dance including Jive.

Modern Jive is a fusion of various dances and is danced to all kinds of music. The steps are not complicated therefore even the most two left footed person can learn how to Modern Jive. Classes offered by Jive London including beginners sessions right through to master classes. Beginner's classes last around fifty minutes with the tutor sited up on stage to enable participants to see the steps easily.

Intermediate class duration is closer to thirty minutes, while workshops are three hours long and master classes last around an hour. Classes and events are run in various locations around London including

  • The Hammersmith Club on selected Friday evenings
  • The Concorde Club Heathrow
  • The Bushey Country Club Watford
  • The London Welsh Centre in conjunction with Christian Connection
  • Jacksons Lane Archway

One to one tuition is also offered at Jive London and is the preferred option for many as learning Jive on a one to basis can certainly speed things up due to the individual attention students receive. Private lessons suit everyone men, women, partnered or otherwise and are held in amazing dance studios that boast all the modern amenities.

Tutors will use video analysis to identify any weaknesses so improve the students dance techniques. All lessons are personalised to the students' individual requirements with a DVD and homework provided for students once the lesson is over. Further details regarding what's on offer at Jive London can be found at the website.

  • Jive London
  • Tele Cheryl on 07713 631 155
  • Tele Ania on 07539 239 496

Jive Party

Jive Party

Jive Party is held at the Rivoli Ballroom Lewisham London on the third Saturday of every month. The event is suitable for complete beginners through to the more advanced Jive dancers therefore come one come all and enjoy a great evening of dance in this great retro venue! Jive Party is arranged by lovers of Jive who like nothing better than to get together with likeminded people to enjoy an evening of Jive and superb music too.

Jive Party events cost £15.00 and run from 8pm through to 1am. The evening usually includes live music, great DJ's and is preceded by a Jive class for beginners that lasts around thirty minutes, while smart casual dress is required. Tickets may be bought online or dancers may pay on the door whichever suits. The venue has a licensed bar therefore there is a "no children allowed" policy.

Jive Party is simply a great group of Jive enthusiasts who wish to promote and enjoy the dance in a social setting. It is a great way to meet new friends and guests will feel comfortable in an ambient albeit lively setting. Upcoming events include The Metrotones on June 13th 2015 who are a fabulous four piece vocal group backed by amazing musicians. Jive Party nights sound like great fun? That's because they are!

  • Jive Party
  • The Rivoli Ballroom
  • 350 Brockley Road
  • London
  • SE4 2BY
  • Tele 020 894 62664

★ Zumba

Zumba is a fitness dance workout that incorporates movements that are inspired by Latin American dance plus is performed to Latin American music. Zumba classes are really popular now as taking part in Zumba is a way to enjoy dance that also combines a great fitness workout. All comers are welcome at Zumba classes from fit to unfit young or more mature, while those who attend Zumba agree that the classes are not only beneficial health wise but are a fun way to socialise and make friends.

Zumba Riot

Zumba Riot

If you haven't been to a Zumba class in the past you may like to take advantage of the offer that Zumba Riot has of attending a 50% discounted class in order to ascertain if Zumba is for you. Regular membership costs around £20.00 per month although new member bonuses are also offered at the website such as an extra week of free classes. These special terms however only exist for those who join on or before their first visit.

Zumba Riot was established in 2011 and hosts some of the largest Zumba gatherings in London. Growing ever popular Zumba Riot prides itself on bringing dance and fitness to the masses in a party atmosphere that participants will enjoy. Exercise can be very tedious indeed therefore taking part in Zumba where bouncing music encourages us to get up and try the moves is a great way to get fit. Venues are located all over London meaning that wherever you are in the area there is a class fairly close by.

Weekly classes are held in the following locations

  • Mondays and Tuesdays Chiswick Town Hall and Great Portland Street
  • Thursdays Ealing Town Hall and Tottenham Court Road
  • Saturdays Camden

All their classes are suitable for any level of ability or experience, while advanced booking is not required. Members go free while standard charge for non-members is £7.00.

  • Zumba Riot
  • Fitness Riot
  • 3 Brook Lane Business Centre
  • Brook Lane North
  • Brentford
  • Middlesex
  • TW8 0PP
  • Tele 0208 568 5769

London Live Fitness

London Live Fitness

Zumba fitness classes are hosted by London Live Fitness over six different Central London locations. Classes last around forty five minutes and when you consider that’s forty five minutes of exciting dancing along to vibrant Latin American music you can see what a great workout Zumba really is! Class packages may be bought online with a special introductory offer for those new to the classes. For the bargain price of only £10.00 new attendees can participate in as many classes as they can manage over ten days!

A four class package is also offered for non-members at £30.00, while participants have three months to use the classes too. Members will receive a discount on the price of the four class package. Similarly an eight class package for non-members costs £56.00 with a discount for members and these classes may be spread over four months. Pay as you go is another way to pay with this type of membership offering a 35% saving if the class is used within two months.  This offer costs £8.40. There are three types of membership offered too which are

  • Month to Month Gold Membership that may be cancelled as required
  • Six Month Gold Membership
  • Twelve Month Gold Membership

Gold members will receive a month of unlimited classes, while refer a friend for Gold Membership and receive a 20% discount per friend who signs up to classes. Refer five friends and receive free membership! Gift cards are also available to order from the London Live Fitness website ranging from £25.00 to £50.00 with Christmas Gift cards and Ordinary Gift cards where customers can specify any amount they wish are also available to order.

Further information regarding locations where Zumba classes are held can be accessed by emailing London Live at

Zumba Fitness

Zumba Fitness

Zumba Fitness run Zumba classes in many locations around London as well as offering workplace classes and special events for Zumba enthusiasts to enjoy. Locations where dancers can join in classes include

  • The Verve Bar in Upper St Martins Lane
  • Islington Arts Factory Holloway
  • Central YMCA Club Great Russell Street
  • Urdang 2 on Oswald Road
  • Waterloo Action Centre

Classes cater for complete beginners' right through to classes for experienced Zumba dancers who prefer an intense workout. Participants can sign up to become a member of simply join in a class as and when whichever they prefer although becoming a member does indeed save money in the long run if you are a dedicated Zumba fan.

Workplace Zumba is a really great idea as often we are so busy in our day to day lives that we can hardly find time to fit in extracurricular activities. Zumba Fitness will come to your workplace in order to host a class all you require is the space for them to do so. There are definitely pluses to hosting a Zumba fitness session in the workplace. For instance Zumba creates a feeling of wellbeing leading to happy and healthy workers. The fitter your employees are the less time they will have off due to illnesses. Workplace packages offered are

  • 10 x 45 minute Zumba sessions or 20 c 45 minute sessions
  • Nine or less to a group costs £55.00 per session
  • Ten or more to a group costs £65.00 per session
  • Twenty or more to a group costs £75.00 per session

Further details regarding the locations that host Zumba Fitness classes may be found at the website.

Latin Soul Dance and Fitness

Latin Soul

Latin Soul established in 2005, offers an array of Latin dance classes including Salsa, Tango and Zumba. The Zumba sessions are run by Fredy Montero a Colombian dance teacher of note along with a superb Latin Soul team who strive to bring Zumba to all ages and fitness levels. Fredy has worked on many prestigious projects including those for the BBC and MENCAP. All classes held at Latin Soul are high octane, high energy and most essentially great fun!

Zumba classes are an hour long and participants are not required to book in advance simply turn up and join in whichever class you think is most suitable to your level of Zumba experience. There are two levels of class to choose from including Zumba Fitness where high energy Latin American music will soon have you up there dancing, while it really doesn’t matter how good you are it's the participation that counts. Classes are held Monday and Wednesday at Woodhouse College North Finchley and Saturdays at the Compton School North Finchley.

Zumba Circuit sessions are high intensity dance sessions where toning sticks and Zumba toning routines are mixed with a fast dance programme for a superb workout that is great fun and exhilarating. Toning sticks may be ordered for £15.00 at the Latin Soul website. Those who join in Zumba classes must ensure that they are fit enough to do so. Further information on class locations and prices may be accessed by calling

  • Fredy Montero 07985 748 453
  • Office 0203 544 6328

Carla Lima Dance

Carla Lima Dance

Carla Lima offers Belly Dance classes and Zumba classes in South East London. All Carla's workouts are great fun and will see Zumba fans fit and energised in no time at all. Everyone is welcome to join in her classes no matter what age they are or ability they have, while making friends is a great bi-product of joining in a Zumba class too! Zumba steps incorporate moves from Salsa, Samba, Flamenco and Tango dances to name but a few.

Classes are available for children, senior citizens, those with learning disabilities, toning sticks, chairs and yes even in water! Why not join one of these fantastic Zumba classes!

  • Zumba Toning using sticks that help to tone chests, back, thighs, biceps, triceps and abs
  • Zumba Kids and Kids Juniors for children age 4 to 6 years and 7 to 11 years
  • Zumbini for 0 to 3 year olds with parents
  • Gold Zumba for senior citizens who prefer a slower pace
  • Aqua Zumba a lower impact class that combines Zumba moves with hydro-gymnastic benefits
  • Zumba Step a superb calorie burning class

Zumba classes offer a great cardio workout therefore not only will you tone your body into better shape you will burn off all those unused calories along the way. Classes last just under an hour and are held in Lewisham, Brockley, Crofton Park and Bermondsey. Zumba class schedule is as follows

  • Monday at 7pm St John Church Lewisham SE8 4EA
  • Tuesday and Saturday Haddon Hall Baptist Church Bermondsey SE1 4TR
  • Thursday St Hilda's Church Crofton Park SE23 1PL

Carla Lima also offers private lessons which are great for those who are just too shy to join in a group Zumba session. Booking one hour sessions in advance costs £50.00 for one session, £90.00 for two sessions and £160.00 for four sessions. Dance workshops are also available where beginners can learn the basic dance steps and the more experienced can simply hone their skills. Workshops last for three hours must be pre-booked and cost £25.00 per person. Venues for workshops are published on the website when organised.

Contact is made via filling in the online form at the website and is only available via email. No contact telephone numbers are offered. All class venues and times are listed at the website.

★ Salsa

Salsa is very popular and is probably the most attended of all the Latin American dance classes. Salsa's rhythmic beats and sultry moves make for not only an exciting dance experience but are also really good for keeping us fit and in shape. No matter how new you are to Salsa there is a dance class out there for you with classes available in the London area being no exception.

Bar Salsa

Bar Salsa

Bar Salsa is located on Charring Cross Road in London and offers Salsa classes for all levels every evening of the week. This  South American bar, nightclub and restaurant also boasts fabulous live music where following their Salsa lessons dancers can relax with a drink or dine from the fabulous menu and enjoy the Latin bands that play here.

Bar Salsa offers lessons for all abilities of dance students from complete novices through to intermediate students until dancers reach the level of a proficient Salsa dancer. So what can customers who choose to join in lessons expect to do at Bar Salsa? Well, having a lot of fun is the main objective, while enjoying Salsa classes with prices starting from a mere £6.00 per lesson. All this while being tutored by world class Salsa dance teachers!

Salsa class times are as follows

  • Monday's lessons are offered for beginners from 7pm to 8pm
  • Monday lessons offered for Improver/intermediates from 8pm to 9pm.
  • Tuesdays offers three levels of Bachata
  • Wednesdays there is a free introductory class from 7pm to 7.30pm.
  • New York Style Salsa classes also run Wednesdays too with classes held at five different levels.
  • Classes held on Thursdays offer Bachata and Cali style Salsa
  • Friday Fever Night offers a free intro to Latin dance, Salsa, Merengue and Lambada.
  • Weekends offer a range of classes too

Those who choose to learn to dance Salsa at Bar Salsa are guaranteed a great night out! Food here is delicious with a comprehensive South American menu including amazing Tapas, superb mains and wonderful cocktails. The bar also opens during daytime hours for those who wish to relax and have a cup of coffee.

  • Bar Salsa
  • 96 Charring Cross Road
  • London
  • WC2H 0JG
  • Tele 020 7379 3277

Salsa Fusion

Salsa Fusion

Salsa Fusion offers Salsa styles that include Cuban, Colombian, Puerto Rican and New York, while also offering sessions for the Gay community too. Established in 1991 Salsa Fusion have over four hundred people attending their dance nights regularly with the club becoming more popular as the years go on. Classes offered include

  • One hour Tuesday classes at Notting Hill Gate for beginners
  • One hour Tuesday classes at Notting Hill Gate for intermediates 

Many students come to Salsa alone and hope to make new friends along the way therefore dance partners are not required by lone dancers.  Learning to dance Salsa is a very sociable pursuit and it's amazing how confident and proficient students soon become after only three or four lessons. Classes are ongoing therefore dancers can join a class at any time or at any point without booking in advance.

Why not join in one of Salsa Fusions Club Nights that are hosted on Saturdays from 9pm. Club Nights are another exciting way of socialising while enjoying practising your Salsa moves. Visiting teachers and DJ's create an exciting atmosphere, while with the choice of two rooms where 100% authentic Salsa or Cuban Salsa are practised dancers can Salsa the night away. The £9.00 entry fee includes a free lesson too! Why not have a fun evening by visiting Salsa Fusion!

  • Salsa Fusion
  • 229 Great Portland Street
  • London W1reate


  • The Gate Bar
  • 87 Notting Hill Gate
  • London W11
  • Tele 07951 811 488

Caramelo Latin Dance

Caramelo Latin Dance

Shaan is a dancer who established the Caramelo Latin Dance Club and has been dancing and teaching Latin dance for eighteen years. This Salsa club located in the W9 area of London is unique in that it offers such a wide range of dances for students to learn including Salsa, Bachata, Cha Cha Cha, Pachanga and New York Mambo. If learning one of these dances is your aim then why not pop along to this great club to see what's on offer.

Caramelo Latin Dance has an air conditioned studio where group lessons are offered in a comfortable contemporary setting with wooden floors and floor to ceiling mirrors. The studio also boasts great dance teachers who are not only very experienced in their field but also are amazing at passing on their skills to their students. Caramelo offer a range of packages including

  • One day intensive courses for beginners
  • Four week courses for all abilities
  • Twelve week intensive training courses
  • Private dance classes
  • Workshops and boot camps

The beginner's bundle that is offered is great for those who have never danced Salsa and includes five different courses for the amazing price of £55.00. These courses run on Wednesdays and Thursdays, while each four week course begins on dates that change regularly therefore current details can be found at the Caramelo website.

Performance courses are also available and run for twelve weeks. Tuition is delivered by qualified tutors who will encourage participants to train hard in order to reach the highest level they can. Dancers who wish to improve their musicality and body movement, gain confidence and improve stage presence, increase their fitness levels and learn how to master intricate footwork are certainly in the right place to do so here. Information on how to join in the Performance courses is available online.

  • Caramelo Latin Dance
  • Paddington Academy
  • 50 Marylands Road
  • London
  • W9 2DR
  • Tele +44 7572 891 570

★ Swing

Swing incorporates a group of dances that hail from the roaring twenties and the 1950's. Different styles include Lindy Hop, Balboa, West Coast Swing and East Coast Swing. Swing is a lot of fun and is great for all age groups with many enjoying Swing as a social function along with a great way to keep fit without the slog of the treadmill. Let's take a look at some great venues that offer the Swing experience in London.



Would you like to be able to dance the Jitterbug? Swingland established by Martin Ellis in 1998 is one of the most popular venues in London to do so and prides itself on offering superb lessons and facilities for those who wish to learn Swing dancing. Swingland teaches Lindy Hop, Swing, Charleston and Jazz Dance by way of weekly classes, private lessons, live music nights, demos, choreography and fabulous Swing balls!

Workshops and classes are held in an informal fun setting with drop in classes proving very popular as dancers can join in as and when with no pre booking required. Partners are not required as many dancers come as individuals in order to dance with a variety of partners and socialise along with learning the steps.  Once the classes are over dancers can relax and have some fun dancing to live bands and great swing DJs. Monthly dance parties are also organised along with glamorous yearly events such as the amazing Savoy Ball held at the Battersea Arts Centre.

Dance instructors at Swingland are suitably qualified offering expertise and style to their students. Following lessons here there is always time to practice what you have learned too and the teachers stay around just in case there's anything you want to ask! Private classes must be booked in advance and cater for individuals or groups. Most private lessons are held prior to the regular evening classes and cost around £60.00 per hour per couple.

Wedding dances are also catered for therefore those who wish to surprise their guests by busting some fabulous Swing moves on the dance floor must enquire immediately. Once again these sessions cost £60.00 per hour per couple with variations applying. Please visit the Swingland website for further details. Swingland also cater for parties including hen parties and 30th birthday parties.

Swing Patrol

Swing Patrol

Swing Patrol runs over forty classes throughout London every week taking in thirty five venues therefore would be dancers will surely find a class located in an area to suit. Swing Patrol has over one thousand members to date along with a group of qualified teachers that will soon have you up and dancing to fabulous music mastering moves you never thought possible. Socialising is all part of the fun and with friendships made you will be glad you went along to see what it was all about!

Classes are suitable for all abilities and types of dancer, while locations offered range from Shoreditch to Kings Cross and from Clapham Junction to Notting Hill. Classes are graded from Level One up to Level Four. Level One is for beginners and covers Charleston and 6 beat Lindy Hop. Level Two follows Level One and improves on what you have learned adding eight beat Lindy Hop to your repertoire.

By Level Three you will be a confident dancer, while your lead/follow skills will be honed along with your technique. Level Four is for accomplished dancers who know how to dance Swing and have trained in all the moves. Only experienced dancers may join in a level four class as you would expect. Workshops are also held at Swing Patrol with upcoming classes that include

  • Learn to dance in a day on June 20th and September 12th 2015
  • London Swing Festival May29th and 31st 2015
  • Learn the Tranky Doo 2nd June and 16th June 2015
  • Beginner Aerials 6th June 2015
  • Authentic Jazz 14th June 2015

Swing Patrol also holds social events all over London and will attend social events to dance and put on a show if required. Hen parties are also catered for. Further details regarding all these events may be found at the website.



Jitterbugs was established in 1987 and is a popular Lindy Hop and Swing Dance Club located near Marble Arch in London. Club nights are held every Wednesday offering classes to suit all levels. Classes include

  • Beginners Class 7pm to 7-45pm
  • Intermediate Class 7-45pm to 8-30pm

Following the two classes dancers can kick back and relax by enjoying a few hours of social dancing to music played by DJs, while once a month there is a live band to dance to which is great! Two further venues where Jitterbugs are featuring are La Danza Venue Holloway Road and Marylebone Dance Studio Lisson Grove.

Private lessons are also offered at Jitterbugs and those who wish to book must do so in advance. Private lessons cost £48.00 per hour including studio hire. Newcomers need not worry about attending classes alone as partners are not required, while it takes around six months to become proficient at the dance. Those who want to practice at home will find appropriate music CD's for sale at the club too.

  • Jitterbugs
  • Stern Hall
  • 33 Seymour Place
  • W1H 5AU
  • Tele +44 (0) 1628 476 851

Swing Out London

Swing Out London

Swing Out London is not a dance club as such but is a website that lists places where swing dances and lessons are to be held. Dancers who are interested in the Swing dance scene will find the website really useful as the listed venues are updated by the hour therefore up to date cancellations can be found here too. The site only lists up to the next fourteen days, while events such as Vintage dances, London Lindy Exchange Annual Event and the Sunday Shuffle are all featured with up to the minute information.

Types of dance covered by Swing Out London include

  • Lindy Hop
  • Balboa
  • Charleston
  • Blues
  • Collegiate Shag
  • Authentic Jazz

All the lists featured simply link through to the appropriate dance club websites.

★ Ballroom

Ballroom dancing is so elegant and has been made more popular recently by the Strictly Come Dancing series on the BBC. Ballroom dancing requires a partner and includes such dances as the Waltz, Quick Step and Fox Trot that are popular ballroom dances where partners glide around the dance floor as if floating on air. Here we look at places to learn Ballroom in the London area.

Simply Dancing Partners

Simply Dancing Partners

Simply Dancing Partners was established in 2006 by a lady called Jenni Kravitz and it was the BBC's Strictly show that inspired her to do so! Each class member gets to dance with a professional dancer in order to become proficient in the steps, while private lessons are also available for those who wish for one to one tuition. Wedding bookings are also catered for where couples can learn a first dance for their wedding, while all the choreography is prepared by the professionals.

Simply Dance Partners is the only place in London where those who are learning will partner up with professional dancers. It's possible to book a course of lessons or simply join in one class at a time whichever you prefer, while dances offered include Ballroom, Latin, Argentine Tango and Salsa. All levels of dancer are welcomed here including Beginners, Intermediates and Advanced with various combinations featured that include

  • Classes for women, men and couples covering the Waltz, Quick Step, Foxtrot, Tango and Viennese Waltz. Ladies will be offered a male professional partner, while males are offered a female professional. Simple routines are learned in next to no time!
  • Classes with professional partners will see dancers learn such dances as Rumba and Foxtrot, while classes last ninety minutes in all

Gift packages may be purchased from Simply Dancing Partners and are a wonderful idea to buy as a birthday gift or simply to treat your partner or friend. They also provide wedding entertainment and cater for corporate events for companies engaging professionals in order to give their employees a fabulous day of dance.

  • Simply Dancing Partners
  • Palladium House
  • 1-4 Argyll Street
  • London
  • W1F 7LD
  • Tele 020 3648 0377

Mr Wonderful Dancing

Mr Wonderful Dancing

Mr Wonderful Dancing specialises in dance lessons and social ballroom dancing in venues all across London. Whether its private lessons you're after or learning a dance for your upcoming nuptials Mr Wonderful Dancing can help you out. Lesson charges are as follows

  • £60.00 per hour per couple including studio hire
  • £250.00 for five one hour sessions booked together in one package
  • Home lessons £120.00 for a two hour intensive session or five one hour sessions for £250.00. Home lessons are available all over London and the South East

Hen party dances are also provided at Mr Wonderful Dancing with studios available Friday or Saturday afternoons. A professional male dancer will instruct the hens in Ballroom or Latin whichever they choose. Two hours of electric dancing will cost the group £200.00 with a deposit of £50.00 payable when booking the studio.

Beginner's ballroom courses are also offered here where dancers can learn how to Waltz, Viennese Waltz and Foxtrot or maybe you would like to learn how to dance the American Smooth? This dance incorporates moves from four other disciplines and is an amazingly elegant dance. Dance professionals are also available for demonstrations and corporate events. Please see the website for more details.

Social dancing is very popular and what better way to enjoy putting into practice what you have learned than to join in one of these events. There are plenty of social dancing events in London in the coming months such as Shoreditch Town Hall on 8th June, 3rd July and 18th July or the Summer Ball at Wolsey Hall on 25th July 2015. Dance holidays may also be booked through the site such as Dancing in Mallorca from 10th to 17th October 2015.

  • Mr Wonderful Dancing
  • Dance Moves
  • 5 Honiton Road
  • Welling
  • Kent
  • DA16 3LB
  • Tele 020 8855 6868

The London Academy of Dance

The London Academy of Dance

The London Academy of Dance is located in Canary Wharf and offers dance classes, workshops and private ballroom dancing lessons tutored by the best professionals in the business. All levels of dancers are welcome here with classes available for total novices in the form of a beginners class, intermediate classes for those who know a few steps and advanced classes for those who have a good deal of experience.

Those who wish can study for dance qualifications or simply dance for fun like most of us and simply enjoy your dancing lessons. Private dance lessons are also offered at the London Academy of Dance and are available seven days a week. Advanced booking is required. Those who choose to book private lessons will learn to dance quicker as one to one tuition is obviously advantageous and students are able to ask more in depth questions without interruption.

Wedding dance choreography is another superb service where future brides and grooms can learn the steps in order to present their first wedding dance in style. A free thirty minute taster lesson is offered in order for couples to decide if they are suited, while music choices will be discussed during the taster lesson too. Ballroom dance classes run on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings at Canary Wharf. Classes can run for up to six weeks and introductory courses lasting four weeks are also available. More information regarding classes and booking may be found at the website.

  • London Academy of Dance
  • 16-19 Canada Square
  • Canary Wharf
  • London
  • E14 5ER
  • Tele 0207 193 3239

Inspiration 2 Dance

Inspiration to Dance

Inspiration 2 Dance was established in 2010 and offers dance classes and events in order to help dancers not only learn the steps of ballroom dancing but gain in confidence too. Inspiration offers group classes for adults and children, while private lessons and social dance events are also catered for. Their tutors hail from all over the world and are well qualified to teach dance with some being former world champion dancers.

Inspiration offers a variety of ballroom classes that include ballroom with professional partners on Wednesdays for beginners from 2pm to 3-30pm. Drop in cost is £60.00 whereas booking four weeks in advance will cost £200.00. Beginners will learn the Waltz, Samba, Foxtrot and Viennese Waltz at Cromwell Road in SW7. An improver class is held on Tuesdays at Cromwell Road from 2pm to 3-30pm, while the price is the same as for the beginner's class.

A Ballroom technique class is run on Wednesday evenings from 8.30pm to 10pm for intermediates and costs £10.00 for individuals and £17.00 for couples. Supervised practice sessions are also held on Thursday evenings for all levels at the Ukrainian Centre in W11 with prices ranging from £5.00 through to £75.00 depending on the sessions and packages dancers choose to book. More information regarding sessions is available at the Inspiration 2 Dance website.

Private lessons are offered to all levels of ability at £60.00 per hour or £275.00 for a five hour booking. Private lessons take place at the studio or in your own home if you so wish. Private lessons are also available for children from the age of seven and over at £60.00 per hour, while kid's group classes are held Sundays from 3pm to 4pm costing £90.00 per term of ten classes. Inspiration 2 Dance also offers wedding dance lessons and caters for corporate events.

  • Inspiration 2 Dance
  • 116, Cromwell Road, London SW7 4XR
  • Ukrainian Centre 154 Holland Park Avenue, London W11 4UH
  • The Hogarth Health Club, Airedale Avenue, Chiswick, London W4 2NW
  • Tele 07711 652 875 Viktoriya
  • Tele 07914 755 399 Melodie Children's Classes

Dream of Dance

Dream of Dance

Dream of Dance caters for dancers of all levels. All Dream of Dance ask of you is that you have a real passion and desire for dance that they will nurture and hone to make you the best dancer that you can be. Dream of Dance offers private lessons, group sessions, weekly practice dances and monthly parties, while their teachers are expert in their fields and are more than qualified to teach anyone who desires to be able to dance.

Group lessons are offered on Wednesdays from 8pm to 10pm with no requirement to book simply drop in and join in the fun. Lessons cater for beginners through to the more accomplished and include dances such as the Foxtrot, Waltz, Quick Step, Tango and Viennese Waltz. There is an £8.00 entry fee. Private lessons are great for those who wish to improve on their dance skills, while wedding dances are also catered for at Dream of Dance. Children can take dance classes too with lessons aimed at gaining qualifications and certificates if that’s what children want to aim for.

Social dance classes are great for those who have a more casual approach and are held every Wednesday from 2pm to 3pm and cost £5.00. Monthly parties are very popular here too with dances held on Saturdays. It’s a great way to socialise and meet likeminded people who just love to dance! Information regarding class times and sessions is available at the website.

  • Dream of Dance
  • Christ Church Hall
  • 620 High Street
  • North Finchley
  • London
  • N12 0NU
  • Tele +44 (0) 208 446 3900

Izabela Dance

Izabela Dance

Izabela the founder of Izabela Dance School was a professional dancer on the third series of Strictly Come Dancing and has been dancing professionally now for over twenty years therefore knows a thing or two about teaching dance to students of all ages and levels. Izabela offers lessons in London, Richmond, Kingston and Surrey and teaches all levels of ability of students' right up to those who dance professionally.

Beginner's classes through to advanced dance classes are held with the beginner's class run over a ten week course that costs £120.00. Ten week intermediate and advanced courses are also available and cost the same price. Wedding first dance lessons are also offered at Izabela Dance and include lessons at exclusive dance studios, lessons in your own home, a free choreography consultation and no dance experience required with a range of packages available including

  • The White Rose which is one private dance lesson to learn basic steps. Costs £80.00
  • The Golden Honey which includes five private lessons with wedding music supplied. Costs £350.00
  • The Pure Romance which includes ten lessons and an extra dance. Costs £700.00
  • The Perfect Love which includes fifteen lessons, one group lesson for guests and practice video. Costs £900.00
  • The Luxury Delight which includes twenty lessons, practice video, lessons for parents. Costs £1,200.00

Izabela also caters for corporate events too offering a range of great packages that include workshops and demonstrations. More information regarding locations and prices are available at the Izabela dance website.

Vera the Diva

Vera the Diva

Vera the Diva is a Ballroom and Latin dance school that offers lessons in both Covent Garden and Clapham Common. Lessons for professionals are held in Covent Garden, while beginners, improvers, intermediate and advanced students classes are held in Clapham Common. Teachers here are all qualified professionals who will help dancers to become the best they can while having lots of fun and socialising along the way.

Beginners will learn the basic steps of Waltz and Foxtrot with seven one hour lessons costing £75.00. Improvers pay £85.00 for seven weekly one hour sessions, while intermediates can book ninety minute sessions costing £91.00 for seven. Why not book a taster session with Vera the Diva to see if learning Ballroom is for you? Or maybe private lessons are what you seek? Private lessons are great for those who wish to hone their dance skills plus with one to one attention students are bound to learn the dance steps quicker than in a group.

Vera the Diva also offer wedding dance lessons so couples can learn a routine in order to wow their guests at their upcoming wedding celebrations. All these services including booking lessons, private lessons, wedding dances and tasters are accessed through the Vera the Diva website.

Michael and Martina Burton

Michael and Martina Burton

Michael is from Australia and Martina is from Germany together they make a formidable dance pair who have competed in many dance competitions worldwide. The couple run classes for dancers of all ability levels and age groups, while their sessions are held at five different locations in and around London including

  • Kentish Town
  • Westminster
  • Kingston
  • Blandford Street
  • Parkhurst Road

Michael and Martina are available for private lessons for individuals or couples plus will also choreograph your first wedding dance too! Their Saturday dance class for intermediates and advanced level dancers is held at the Abbey Centre in Westminster from 2 to 3pm, while beginner's classes are held at their Expressions Studios in Kentish town. Dances learned include the Waltz, Quick Step, Foxtrot, Tango and Viennese Waltz.

Themed Workshops run throughout the year based on movement and musicality. Workshops cost £40.00 per person and run from 1pm to 5pm. Michael and Martina are also available to book for events and private parties. This couple really put on a fabulous ballroom show with amazing costumes and fantastic music, while their opera inspired show has to be seen to be appreciated. Booking is facilitated at the website where further information is also available.

J and B Dance

J and B Dance

J and B Dance is a dance school located in the Finchley and Barnet areas of North London. Dances taught here include the Waltz, Foxtrot, Quickstep and Viennese Waltz as well as Latin American dances too. All levels are catered for including complete beginners, intermediates and advanced dancers, while dances in order to gain qualifications are also taught. Teachers at J and B are all qualified to a very high standard and assure students of a warm and friendly welcome to classes.

Private one on one lessons for adults or children are also offered for dancers who like to learn in private in order to become accomplished more quickly, while wedding dances are also offered for prospective brides and grooms. If you can get a group of eight people together for a private class then J and B will travel to any venue of your choice. Private lessons are by appointment only.

Beginners and improver classes are held on Mondays and Wednesdays in two locations. Both these classes cost £5.00 per person. Throughout the month J and B Dance host social dances where dancers can enjoy an evening of dance to great music along with likeminded people. Who knows you may even make new friends too! The following venues are where classes and sessions are held

  • Christ Church Hall Finchley N12 0UN
  • Friern Barnet School Crescent Road N11 3LB
  • Methodist Church Manor Drive N20 0DZ
  • St Mary's Hall Finchley N3 1TR
  • St John's Hall New Barnet EN5 1RH

Those dancers who are interested may decide to take the ISTD dance exams. Bronze Silver and Gold tests are available.

  • J and B Dance
  • Tele 07763 142 854

★ Hip Hop and Street

Hip Hop and Street Dance has evolved over the years to incorporate a range of dance styles that are very often of a free style nature. This means that anyone can dance Hip Hop in their own fashion without feeling that they aren't strictly following dance steps or rules. Typical Street Dance moves include Body Waves, C Walk, Cat Daddy, The Jerk and Up and Down, while flexibility is required in order to carry out the movements well. Let's see where in London Hip Hop and Street Dance venues are located.

Give Into Dance

Give Into Dance

Those who wish to learn Street Dance from the best would do well to visit Give into Dance that is run by Briony a dancer with a wealth of experience to offer her students. Briony has danced and worked as a choreographer for Sony Entertainment and started Give into Dance in 2008, while all the dance teachers she works with are highly qualified dancers too who will pass on their expertise to students who wish to become credible dancers themselves.

Classes here are run on a weekly basis in Highgate North London and are offered to dancers of all levels from absolute beginners through to those who wish to simply practice their dancing skills to improve. All age groups are welcome to come along and join in from children through to adults, while fun is the aim here as learning to dance is a real social event. Further services offered by Give into Dance include one off workshops, six to twelve week projects that head towards a performance, birthday parties, hen parties and corporate events.

Adult classes offered at Give into Dance include

  • Street Dance and Contemporary Fusion Dance Classes with new routines starting every few weeks
  • Contemporary Fusion Dance Classes in Six Week Blocks
  • Beginners and Intermediate Level Classes

Cards to pay for any six classes may be purchased for £48.00 or students can simply join in a class at any time with the entry fee of £9.00 payable. Full dance terms can also be purchased paying for terms of one class a week and two or three classes a week for the duration of the term. This obviously works out cheaper overall although you will need to be sure you are committed to attending to reap the benefit.

Junior Street Classes for eight to ten year olds are available where kids will learn movement, choreography, improvisation and performance skills. Youth Street Classes are held for ages eleven to sixteen, while Young Adult Street Classes cater for those aged seventeen and over. Further information regarding costs and times can be accessed at the website.

  • Give Into Dance
  • Jacksons Lane
  • 269a Archway Road
  • Highgate
  • London
  • N6 5AA
  • Tele 07971 043 788

Pineapple Studio

Pineapple Studio

Pineapple Studio located in Covent Garden is probably one of the most famous dance studios in London and has featured in reality television programmes in the past. Pineapple Studio teaches all genres of dance including Street and Hip Hop with routines being a combination of Hip Hop, Street, Commercial and Jazz. Those who attend every class for one week will be taught and practice one dance routine meaning they are more likely to have picked up the moves and steps by the end of that week.

All levels of dancer are welcome at Pineapple from beginners through to the more accomplished dancers, while daytime and evening classes are available. A typical one hour class costs £7.00 although you do need to be a member of Pineapple to take part in lessons. Membership information is available at the club and Pineapple offer a number of convenient ways to pay for membership.

Pineapple offer first class facilities for its members to enjoy with great male and female changing rooms fitted with toilets, showers, shower gel, hairdryers and mirrors. There is also a chill out area offering free Wi-Fi and a great café serving cold drinks, snacks and coffee. Pineapple Studio opens seven days a week including Bank Holidays, while the studio also houses a superb shop selling all kinds of exercise and dance wear.

  • Pineapple Studio
  • 16 Langley Street
  • Covent Garden
  • London
  • WC2H 9JA
  • Tele 020 7836 4006

Arch 197

Arch 197

Arch 197 is located in Chiswick and was established back in 2009 by a young Street Dancer named Josh Francois in a disused railway arch. Following a comprehensive refurbishment this arch is now a fabulous Street Dance studio where people of all levels of dance are welcomed, while Arch 197 also boasts some of the best teachers of dance in London today.

Arch 197 offers superb facilities to its customers with children as well as adults enjoying keeping fit while learning great dance skills. Break Dance and Street Dance lessons are available Mondays for children age six to ten years and last for one hour per session.  Advanced Street Dance lessons are offered on Wednesdays for those aged fourteen and over between 7 and 8pm.

Street Dance Parties are also offered here and what better way for Street Dance enthusiasts to celebrate their birthday than to throw a Street Dance party? Dance instructors will choreograph a routine for your guests to learn with a ninety minute lesson coming in with the package. Keep your birthday memories alive by having your dance routine videoed too! Packages include

  • A one hour forty five minute party for twenty people costs £320.00 including party games and prizes
  • A one hour thirty minute party for twenty people minus the games and prizes costs £260.00
  • A one hour fifteen minute party for up to twenty people costs £190.00

Arch 197 also hires out its studio for private rehearsals, for use as a photographic studio and school activities. The studio boasts a huge dance floor with mezzanine level and convenient car parking within one hundred yards of the studio.

  • Arch 197
  • Prebend Gardens
  • Chiswick
  • London
  • W6 0XT
  • Tele 020 898 78788

Creation Dance

Creation Dance

Creation Dance has been offering dance classes in various parts of London since 2006 and is credited with establishing the Urban Groovz Street Dance Syllabus and teaching method. Breaking down the moves of Street dance so that total novices can understand and achieve the dance skills required is their aim, while Creation Dance has seen huge successes in this dance genre as making the moves seem less complicated encourages those of us who aren't exactly flexible to learn the moves with greater ease.

Classes at Creation Dance last one hour and are great for any age or ability of dancer, while those who wish may purchase a course of lessons online. The Urban Groovz class is very popular, while with amazing music and superb dance teachers you can't go wrong. This class is held Mondays and Thursdays in Balham from 7.15 to 8.15pm and costs £99.00 for a twelve week course, while every twelve week course comes with a money back guarantee! You can't say fairer than that!  Attend your first class and if you think learning the Urban Groovz dance is not for you customers will receive a refund of the remainder of the fee. So what will you learn at the Urban Groovz class?

  • Basic warm up moves to get you started
  • An exciting Hip Hop dance routine
  • How to improve your coordination
  • How to learn choreography
  • Improve flexibility, confidence and movement skills

As the spring term has already begun the next term to look out for is the summer term.

Further dance courses offered include Dance Fuse and Urban Groovz combined classes costing £150.00 for both and Hen Parties that cost £230.00.

  • Creation Dance
  • La Retraite School
  • Atkins Road
  • Clapham Park
  • Balham
  • South London
  • SW12 0AB
  • Tele 0870 140 3234
  • Tele Ainhoa 07958963469